Godawari Saving and credit
Co-operative Limited

Godawari-5, Lalitpur, Nepal / Established: 2066 BS.
Registered number: 673/066/067

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Under the co-operative act of Nepal government following rules, regulation, discipline and to provide service to the society along with financial, educational and social development objectives Godavari saving and credit cooperative limited was established.

Objectives and benefit

  1. To collect the fragmented capital of the members and depositor of Godavari area and invest the capital according to demand and will of the investors on agriculture, education, small industry, business having long term vision.
  2. To provide fast and reliable service financial transaction are done through computerized system.
  3. Invest on agriculture, education, small industry, media and other sector on coming future.
  4. As per the requirement of depositor on home appaliace and other instruments like motorcycle, freeze, television etc. we provide installments on low interest.
  5. Remittance service is available from any parts of world.

Deposit collection plan

This finance has opened different account to depositor and shareholder to get good facility and nice amount of interest.

  1. Fixed deposit account:
  2. According to this account minimum amount of Rs.5000 Or more can be deposited for fixed period of time.

  3. Normal saving account:
  4. On this account minimum balance of Rs.100 or more can be deposited on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  5. Child saving account (khutruke saving):
  6. Children below 15 years can open account with minimum balance of Rs.150

    *Free khutruke
  7. Senior citizen fixed deposit account:
  8. Senior citizen can open this account to get good amount of interest.

  9. dampati
  10. Can open this normal account to get good amount of interest.


This finance has provide different loan plans to its Members

  1. Business Loan:
  2. Member can get loan to run the business as per their requirements.

  3. Hire Purchase Loan:
  4. Members for their own use or for business use like motorcycle and home appliances like T.V., freeze, computer, mobile phone etc. can get loan according to this plan.

  5. . Home Loan:
  6. According to this title members can get loan for construction and reconstruction of home and as well for buying home and land.

  7. Fixed deposit collateral Loan:
  8. Members can get loan according to their fixed deposited amount slip as collateral on this plan.